Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Possible to save sea lions

Sea lions are rapidly disappearing from one of the last great wildlife strongholds of the world, and no one knows why. In the last few decades, the weather is been dramatically changing and climate change affects the habitats’ animals, such as sea lions. According to the resources, experts show 2 possible factors in the decline of sea lions’ population.
First, one possibility cause of the decline in the population of sea lions is localized depletion of food resources, particularly in winter, caused by intensive commercial fisheries. Furthermore their most important food resource has started to become extinct because of climate changing. According to the U.S. Government Biological Opinion (Andy, 2008) “while other factors are also contributing to the decline in sea lion numbers, competition with fisheries in the Bering Sea, Aleutian Islands and Gulf of Alaska that target their most important food resources is a significant factor in their decline. It further concluded that continued fishing for groundfish, including pollock, Atka mackerel and Pacific cod, under existing rules is likely to jeopardise the western population of sea lions and to adversely affect their critical habitat” (para. 24). Therefore sea lions have started changing their places to find prey because they do not have enough food to eat and their population is declining.
Second, possible reason for the decline in the population of sea lions is that fishermen threaten sea lions because of salmon, which is the main food of sea lions and main support in fishermen life in the Columbia River. In other words that factor of decline is a cause of competition between sea lions, salmon and fishermen. In “Sea lions vs. salmon: Restore balance and common sense”, the author said that each year more hungry sea lions come to the hydroelectric dams in the Columbia River, especially in May, which is the season salmon pass through the dams and they feast on significant number of salmon. The salmon is protected under the Mammal Protection Act (Ritter, 2008) and it is a main resource of commercial fisheries. Because of this the sea lions are not only being killed legally under predator control permits by the British Columbia fish farming industry in 1999 to keep a balance between sea lions at dams and salmon in Columbia Rivers, but also they are being killed illegally by impatient fishermen, when they find the sea lions are eating salmon which are hooked by that fishermen. However, in “Salmon Advocates Say Kill Dams, Not Sea Lions” (Bowmer, 2006) the author said the sea lions were not real factor of decline in salmon population, and that these dams have to be responsible for salmon deaths according to the result of research that was about whether sea lions were the real reason for the extinction of salmon or not. The result of the research showed that the sea lions feast on just a small percent of salmon at the dams, and it is not a hazard to the salmon population. In fact the real reason is these dams, because the salmon population was reduced haphazardly after the installation of these dams. Nonetheless the fishermen think that sea lions are main reason for the extinction of salmon, and they have started killing them.
Sea lions are rapidly disappearing from one of the last great wildlife strongholds of the world, and no one knows why. Nevertheless, the main reason for all these problems of decline in sea lion population is human activity. For example, human activity is encouraging environmental changes in the Bering Sea ecosystem, such as warmer ocean temperatures, altered ocean currents and atmospheric conditions, and these changes affect sea lion habitats and their main food resources. Moreover an example is that sea lions are affected by hydroelectric dams in the California River. According to this example, humans are the most selfish in the world, because first they affected to change these species’ habitats by changing their environment with any kinds of every days life activities, and then they tried to blame sea lions for responsibility for all death of salmon. That is so strange why people, who kills or give permission to kill sea lions for keeping a balance between sea lions and salmon, can not realize that sea lions are not the main reason for extinction of salmon, because they have coexisted for thousands of years. They should know the salmon is endangered by dams in direct and indirect ways, because the habitat of salmon were changed by the dams, and the salmon reservoirs behind the dams attract sea lions. Moreover a consequence of dams is that the salmon have started to spawn in waters closer to sea. For this reason, more than a half percent of baby salmon die. There are three possible solutions to solve these problems and to protect both of species.
First, in order to protect them, these dams should be eliminated, with the help of the governments of U.S. and Canada. Of course, that way might cause many other problems to eliminate these dams, because they are the largest hydroelectric power producers and they are hyge constructions. Therefore, it requires government’s help, also residents of these areas should elect the right government, which promises to eliminate these dams. If those dams can be eliminated, the salmon will have their habitat restored, and salmon will come back at Columbia River. Also, it probably can reduce the salmon baby’s deaths. Another advantage of eliminating the dams is that the risk of salmon deaths would be reduced, when they pass through the dams, because these dams inspire to the sea lions to feast on the salmon. Even though that solution would take a long time and require a lot of money, that solution is a very useful way to protect sea lions from the attack of fishermen because of salmon extinction.
The second solution to protect sea lions is to reduce intensive commercial fisheries, especially salmon, which is main food of sea lions. In this case, sea lions are hungry because of localized depletion and their food resource is reduced and they will not stop gathering at the dams, even though they are endangered. Therefore the solution of killing number of sea lion is not the right decision, and it does not work to remove them from their “salmon buffet” (Ritter, 2008). In order to reduce intensive commercial fisheries, especially salmon, the fishermen should find new resources for supporting their lives. It is might be impossible to reject commercial fisheries because the various species of salmon have been a vital part of the local economy for thousands of years. However, that solution does not mean stopping commercial fisheries completely; that means reducing a percentage of fisheries. To do this, the environmatilsts and economists must work together to find what percent of decline in commercial fisheries will prevent salmon extinction, and they have to do it step by step as a long term project. If this project is done successfully, the large number of sea lions will stop gathering at one place and feasting on the great number of salmon, especially in their breeding season. In other word, sea lions will stop dying because of not only decline in food resource but also fishermen’s shoot.
The third solution to prevent the decline in sea lions is to protect sea lions under a protection act for a long time, until the decline in population of sea lions stops. Moreover, protection of that species is not only experts’ job but also everybody’s responsiblity. In order to protect them, people have to know about who really threatens sea lions and what the main reason of decline in sea lions is. Therefore, children should be educated about how to protect wildlife and species; the reason they should worry about them is that the wildlife might depend on them. If they know about sea lions pretty much, they probably will love that animal and stop to threating them. The sea lions are really as smart an animal as a dolphin and they learn something more quickly than other marine species; therefore, they entertain in the circus and the Navy. There are many facts about sea lions helped many people. “The sea lions, part of the Navy's overall security plan, were sent to the Gulf after the Navy picked up reports that terrorists may use divers to lash explosives to the bottoms of ships” says Josh Frey (Frazier, 2007, para, 25)
In conclusion, the population of sea lions is increasing dramatically in recent years, and the greatest factors of declining sea lions are reduced food resources caused by localized depletion, danger of fishermen and the main reason for that is negative human activities on the wildlife. The solutions for protection of sea lions are kind of complicated, because the problem is a kind of cycle connection among the involved parties. That means, the protected sea lions feast on the protected salmon, and for this reason the protected sea lion is endangered by fishermen, who hook the salmon to supply their living. Furthermore commercial fisheries lead to decline in sea lions because they do not have an enough food to prey on salmon and other fishes, which are main food resources of sea lions. Fortunately we have some solutions to protect them and prevent their extinction, such as eliminating the dams, which is the main factor of danger of extinction, reducing intensive commercial fisheries, and educating children about how to love or protect wildlife. However, all these solutions will take a long time to see a result and they are not easy to make. If we could solve these problems through ways as I mentioned before, everyone will be happy about the consequences of these solutions. Also, we have to start to do useful things to protect sea lions, if we do not want to see the extinction of sea lions.


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The topic of this paper is the fact that sea lions are endangered and they have a danger of extinction because of decline in their food resource and fishermen. Even though the sea lions are already protected under the Protection act, the sea lions’ population is still declining. There are three arguments to save sea lions. The first is to reduce commercial fisheries of salmon, which is main food resource of sea lions, and the second is that dams should be eliminated, because they are main factor of danger for both sea lions and salmon. The third is that as much as possible, people should protect their environment and save the sea lions by educating ourselves about wildlife and animals from early age.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Practice Exam

Online shopping

So far we have started to spend much time on the Internet because we can find every kind of information and services, whatever we want. This Internet gives us lots of opportunities and freedom. Moreover, people have been pretty busy to catch the development of technology and they do not have much time for shopping because everyone knows it is a waste of time, even though we have to buy some necessary stuff. Therefore, many people like to do online shopping because it is a great timesaver (Stay, 2006). Buying online is not only a timesaver but also a money saver. If we buy some stuff, such as books, clothing, and many things, we will spend less money than buying from shopping because there are many online shopping sites and the always offer lower prices.

Nonetheless, even though online shopping has many advantages, it is quite dangerous and risky. Robertson (2006) said, “According to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, there were over 205,000 complaints of Internet commerce-related fraud reported in 2004” (para. 2). As he said, it is not only a problem, but also there are many disadvantages and these depend on online shopping or products.
First, the most common danger is to have a credit card information stolen. Therefore, when we do online buying, we should be careful and we should be sure about the security of that online shopping site because it is impossible to check all these online shopping sites. According to the Mulrean (2008), “Consumers’ biggest fear about shopping online was the possibility of having their credit-card number stolen… Credit-card companies lose about $1 billion a year to credit-card fraud” (paras. 5-8).
Second, sometimes it is difficult to buy good products from shopping online, because we do not know the quality of products from a long distance, especially when I buy some clothing, I always have a problem to choose the right size and color. Even though we see the picture of that product before ordering online, it is possible to receive unexpected products, which are different from what we want to buy. The problem is picture because I think the picture cannot show us the real object. For this reason, sometimes we spend more time and money to return that product than going to the shopping center.
Last, shopping is fun, especially for women because we do shopping not only to buy product but also to spend time with our friends. Therefore, it is a kind of way of reducing our stress. If we do everything online, we will stop to communicating with people and we will spend all our time in the cyber world, which is not the real world. This is dangerous because we have started to lose our civilization by doing everything on the Internet.
In conclusion, even though buying online is convenient, it is not the right solution to save our time and money because it has many negative consequences. We should go shopping and communicate with people, instead of sitting the front of the computer. Even though it is a waste of the time, it might protect our money from fraud.


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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

If i don't remember, it didn't happen

In my life, every single day makes memory. However, time runs pretty past and sometimes I can not recognize what is going on. Indeed, I really do not like any kinds of memory, because it makes me sad even though that memory is happiest moment in my life. That sound might be strange, but I really miss that lovely moment and person who were with me at this moment. I think a lot of things remind a memory and it is depend on what kind of memory and what I am interested in at this time. For me, songs mostly remind me my memory, but there is some words, which are “If I don’t remember, it didn’t happen” always remind me my friend. We really did not know these words would lead us to love each other. One time he showed me those words on the t-shirt and we started to make a joke with those words. We had such a fun time together and we always said to each other ‘’I don’t remember, so it didn’t happen”. However, when I left him, I really couldn’t think it did not happen, because I remember every moment when we were together. Moreover, when I listen to the song which was popular song at this time, I really miss him. However, I hope it is not only memory; we will make more lovely memories in the future.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


My favorite vacation activity is a camping in the forest. Almost every weekend I go camping with my friends or family because I think this is more interesting and effective rest than others. While camping we stay in a tent or Mongolian traditional home and cook a meal, especially barbeque on the fire and feel beautiful nature. If we stay at near the coast of river, I like to listen to the sound of the river while looking at the sky because at this time, I almost forget all my stresses and just I feel like I am a free bird and imagine of flying. Also, in the night everyone enjoys camping, like sitting around a camp fire and telling funny stories. In summer, I prefer to go to the forest and river, but in winter, I always go to the mountain to ski or play with new snow. After camping, I really feel tired and sleep like a baby, but it does not mean bad; that means I just throw away all my stresses and next day of camping I feel fresh. We call it “hit by wind.” That’s why this is my favorite vacation.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Being alone

Mostly, I don’t have a time to be alone or enjoy my free time because I have been pretty busy since I was in high school, especially in medical university. When I have a free time, I like to hang out with my friends and my family. However, sometimes I really want to be alone when I am extremely tired or I want to be by myself. During this time, I do everything whatever I want to do, because no one tells me what I have to do. If I want to be alone, I prefer to stay at home all days and watch my favorite movies and eat snacks without carrying how much calories they contain. Actually, I like making an off day in rainy or cold day, even though I have a work, I really do not like to go out and just stay on the bed all days. I think it is good relaxing. Also, another reason of being alone is I have a time to think about me, such as what I did, what I need to do next because sometimes I can not know do I do right or wrong. On the other hand, I think how to care my family and friends by surprising them suddenly. When I am busy, I truly can not care them, and they always complain about I do not have a time to hang out with them and help them. Maybe that sound seems as I am selfish, but that time is very important moment to successfully complete my education. Even though being alone is good time to be by myself, I really can not be alone for a long time, because we are social animal and always want to be with someone.

Monday, November 10, 2008

FE #5


The American presidential election has just finished and almost all of the Americans are satisfied with the result because they were waiting for a new president who could change unsuccessful economics, politics and stop the war. I read tons of information about the American election and candidates in the class. In the beginning I had no idea about that and I did not understand what was going on, because the American president election seemed to me pretty complicated and it took long time, about 21 months of campaigning. Moreover, the rules of election are a little bit different from my country’s president election. After the result, when people knew who won, most all people in Carbondale went to out and celebrated. Gathering and celebrating was not only in Carbondale, also a half million people gathered in Chicago to see Obama’s speech. That moment was very exciting, even though it was not my business, because the American people were very proud their nationality, and they were an extremely optimistic. In my personality I really like Obama; that’s why I am happy for him. Also, I’m pretty glad to see the big historical event in America.